Monday, April 28, 2014

PHEW!-School Vacation Week Over

Last week was school vacation week and the kids were home. We didn't do any big trip this year, because we had plenty going on here at home. If you've noticed, I haven't been blogging too much lately. It's been crazy-good-busy here. This is what's been happening...
College Tours! (Can't believe we're at this stage!) Of course, she loved the one on the coast (she is my daughter after all-not surprised a bit). We saw 4 schools, and it's just the beginning, I know.
The Boston Marathon! We go every year to cheer on people that we know and total strangers alike, but this year was extra special. We clapped and cheered for so long that our hands were red and numb and our voices hoarse. I was so thankful to see not only the huge number of runners but the huge number of supporters along the route. Love always wins over hate!
Easter! No big family gatherings this year...and I missed it! I already have said that I will host it next year. You hear that family?! Mark your calenders now.
My Birthday! Fun celebration with my family. You spoiled me! Love you guys!
First Flea of the Season! Great finds!
So now I just need it to warm up here so that I can be outside to work on all my projects and get my barn studio up and running. Thanks for checking in with me.
I'm ready to get to work on furniture and home decor!
Shifting from neutral to overdrive....Lookout!

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