Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Got Wine?

This was a quick and easy project, that anyone can do. I purchased this vintage metal milk crate because I love crates, metal or wood-they're so versatile, don't you think?
I knew the openings were large enough to hold wine bottles, or I guess you can do glass bottles of lemonade, San Pellegrino, etc. too
The bottles were just a bit to narrow in their individual compartments, so I cut a square of brown craft paper and placed the bottle on top of it and pushed it into the opening. They formed the perfect shape, like a fancy cupcake liner, and the paper protects the glass from banging around.
I added a tag of 'Got Wine?' to play on the 'Got Milk?' line and the fact that it is a milk crate. It holds 6 bottles and the handles make it easy to carry to a party or just to leave it out at your own gathering.
It's for sale at The Spaulding Cooperage (sorry-wine not included!). I was there today, reworked my space and added lots of new items. Sorry, no pics-forgot my camera!!
Guess you'll just have to stop by to see it all....

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  1. I like this idea. But I noticed all your wine bottles are EMPTY! Hmmmmmmm


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