Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Slipcover for a Summer Table

Remember this antique table?
I had picked it up back in March, and as I was stripping the top of its paint, thinking originally that I would take it back to its natural wood surface, I discovered this fabulous turquoise color hidden underneath. So that's as far as I took it. I thought it would be a great summer color. Well it sat over at The Cooperage all summer, and no one bought it. So I brought it home and made a slip cover for it.
I bought a drop cloth from the hardware store (bad picture-sorry took it inside at night) After washing and drying, it has the texture and color of antique grain sack, without the price tag!
 I traced a circle for the top piece, then cut a length 8 inches wide by double the circumference of the table top and started box pleating it around the edge of the circle, pinning as I went.
Sewed it together, and left the bottom edge frayed for that 'shabby' look.
Here she is 'after'! Now she has two looks, and the slipcover is washable!
 This table is heading back to The Cooperage today, do you think someone will take her home now?
Enjoy your day!

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