Thursday, October 24, 2013

Painting Post~for the shop and for me

I've been staying busy with getting furniture ready for The Spaulding Cooperage Holiday Open House, which will be the weekend of November 16/17, and projects for my own home. First for The Coop...I picked up this vintage buffet at a consignment store because I loved its curves and details. I knew it would look great painted.
 I decided to use a color called 'Spanish Olive'. It's a creamy white with sage green undertones.
 I added new green porcelain and brass knobs, distressed the edges for that 'well loved and used' look, and several coats of wax. It'll be for sale this weekend over at The Cooperage.
 My second piece, is this book case. Sorry, no before pictures. Basically it was the same, except that it had a pointed detail on the top front board, like the detail of a roof on a house. AND that made it look like a book case that should be in a child's room. As cute as that would be, I wanted to make this piece more versatile. So the point came off, to form a straight top edge. I painted the interior grey, and left the shelves, and exterior white. I envision this book case in a mudroom. So I added two vintage cookie sheets at the bottom to act as boot trays. The shelves are perfect for holding various hats & gloves, just add some baskets. This piece will be for sale for the Holiday Open House. I am planning on a 'Swedish Inspired Holiday' this year. More on that later!

And for me....I've had this vintage factory shoe cart for awhile now. Its moved around my house a few times, but I decided it needed to be permanent in my dining room.
 I wasn't happy with the paint splatter on it, even though I love the 'industrial' look. My home is a craftsman bungalow, and this was too industrial for it. So I painted it...white (are you surprised?).

 Then I added my bar ware-trays of stemless wine glasses, a vintage shaker, martini glasses, a shallow crate of stemmed wine glasses, an enamelware container of champagne glasses, and repurposed sewing draws that now hold silver forks, knives and spoons, a little draw that holds dessert forks. I topped it off with an urn of found turkey feathers. The 'purse' on the side is actually a vintage traveling wine basket. It holds a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a corkscrew.

Hope you have a great weekend! I hope to enjoy some of that wine on my new bar cart and cheer on my hometown boys...Go Red Sox!

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