Thursday, October 17, 2013

Restocked the Coop Today

 I sold this vintage picnic table today to a lovely young lady and her boyfriend. I hope they have tons of fun gathered around that table with friends and family! And with that sale, I needed to restock my space over at The Spaulding Cooperge...
I set it up in a feminine Thanksgiving theme working with the acorns that are part of the vintage Memory Lane pattern.

For the place setting, I just cut a circle of brown craft paper to fit the inside of the plate and wrote my guests name on it with a sharpie. I ran a strip of white craft paper down the center that my guests can add what they are thankful for. That should start some lively conversations...
I made some slip covered down pillows with green and pink.
And I just had to show you these little gift bags that I made that are perfect for candy or small gifts like soaps.
I'm hosting Thanksgiving, and I think it's going to be a BIG crowd.
Are you gearing up for the holiday too?

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