Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Repurposing an Old Tool Caddy & Other Projects

When your out 'yard saling', have you ever come across these wood caddies rusty, dirty, stained full of nails and screws?? Well, I never pass them up! I use them for all sorts of organizing. One of my favorite things to do with them is to turn them into utensil caddies complete with silverware, candles, napkins and what ever else one would need for entertaining. Keep it full all the time, and you're ready to tote it outside or inside for a gathering.
 This one (sorry no before picture) was filthy. I sanded it and washed it, but the bottom remained stained. So I cut some squares of cork and put them in the bottom.
I then added two green pots to hold forks and knives, a mason jar with sand and a tea light, napkins and some accessories. You could also add condiments, salt & pepper, etc. It's very handy.

It's for sale over at The Spaulding Cooperage along with this grapevine wreath I put together...

And this vintage oak coat tree that I restained and replaced broken hooks on.
It's got a great sturdy base!

Just a few projects so far this week, still working on other things that I'll share later with you.

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