Friday, April 26, 2013

Exciting News!! A New Shop!

The Makery By The Sea in Kennebunkport, Maine
I've been invited to join a new shop that is opening this summer
in the coastal town of Kennebunkport!
I'm so excited to see where this goes...
This is the front door-nothing special, a bench, a sign...
use your imagination.
The side-the store will occupy the first floor of this attached barn
(the home is a private residence).
The view from inside looking out-that tree is getting ready to blossom.
It'll look so pretty once it does.

Some 'before' pictures of the front room-lots of wood and a great ceiling!
The view out the back door-cute red shed!
Come and meet the owners Emily and Eric at the
Peek-A-Boo sale this weekend Saturday and Sunday 10-5.
Grand Opening May 25th
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Congratulations Kris how exciting!!

  2. Yea - hope the seaside shop does well! Good Luck!


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