Sunday, April 28, 2013

Town Wide Yard Sale Scores!

This great tall cabinet is blue/grey, has 3 shelves,  a chicken wire door and a small draw-too cool!
Vintage needlepoint chair, wicker bike basket, and that vintage metal astray holder?
 It'll become a plant stand.

This black wire table is destined to become a potting bench or a great serving table on a porch. 
 Some tin baking pans-great for holding office supplies like paperclips, thumbtacks, etc or jewelry!
Awesome 7-Up crate, Lu-Ray turquoise platter, and that scotty dog trash pail is too cute!
 What do you think of these eggs? They look so real-but no, they are not. Love them!
Such a gorgeous day here! Hope it's a great day where you are,


  1. Great found treasures Kris!I have not yet made it out to any garage sales.Hoping to find some this week finally :-)

  2. Great finds! Love the grey-blue cupboard!


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