Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Barn Loft Closing

Yes, it's true. My other venture with Michelle Cooke, BARN LOFT, is closing. We've had a great year, and want to thank everyone that helped to make it what it is. When we started this 'industrial style with a soft side' furniture and home accessories shop, we gave ourselves a year to see what would happen. In that year we have made some great friends, loyal customers, and we've learned a lot about ourselves. In that light, we have both realized some important things...BALANCE is an important word. Speaking for myself, I have decided that I'd rather have more time creating and less time 'on the road'. I have decided to work more from home. To be able to walk out to my shop in the morning with a cup of coffee in my hand, checking the flowers along the way, letting my dog 'come to work' with me, being there for the kids, sneaking out for lunch with the girls, and home in time to have dinner with my family...well that's BALANCE for me!

My husband and I are working on clearing a part of our barn (Thanks EV!) to become my workshop, where I will have open studio hours, I'll still sell at the Spaulding Cooperage in Townsend, and I'll have items at The Makery By The Sea in Kennebunkport, ME and the occasional off-site show.

So on that note-BARN LOFT is having it's last OPEN HOUSE this Saturday, from 10-12 (or whenever everyone leaves). We'll have new items and clearance items. Please come by and let us thank you in person for a fabulous run. 55 Lake Street, The Lake Street Mill, Nashua, NH, 2nd Floor.


  1. Barn Loft was good for the time but you will love working in "Your Back Yard". Sounds ideal!

  2. Yes balance is important! Oh how exciting to have a studio set up at your home! You will have more flexibility with your family.


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