Friday, March 29, 2013

Junkin' day!

Michelle and I went out on a junking trip this week. We filled my truck...are you not surprised?! Here's what I came home with...
3 fabulous green plantation shutters-still have the hardware!
 Great old picnic basket, always a sucker for natural wicker, and a set of 6 etched glasses,
 These vintage metal stools have a unique line to them, they swivel, but the seats are ruined. One actually is SLIMY...what is on/in it??I have no idea! The seats will come off, and I'm thinking wood to replace them. Love that mix of wood & metal!
And lastly, this vintage upholstered chair. It's more yellow than gold and it is so comfortable! You just automatically snuggle into its corner. To give it the shabby look that I envision, I'm painting the dark wood a creamy white, after a few minor repairs. I can see her in a girls room (sweet) or if someone is lucky enough to have a walk in closet with room for a chair (glam) this would be perfect.
Only a couple of weeks to go until the flea markets open again!
Happy Spring!


  1. Great finds Kris especially that French chair!

    1. Thanks Anne. I'll post the after pics soon. Happy Easter!


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