Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Flea Finds

It was a perfect morning to be at the flea market...saw the most spectacular sunrise, but didn't have my camera with me. You'll just have to trust me on the's what I picked up today-everything is FILTHY! A very dirty day for digging, but that's half the fun, isn't it?...
(See the vintage long camel hair coat? That's for me :)!)
 These folding chairs have the best wood slatted seats...
I was drawn to blue and teals today as well as wood...
I have a holiday vision of these vintage blue depression glasses filled with votive candles either lined up down a dining table with greens and jute ribbon woven through or on a mantle...can you see it???
A box of green with gold edge 'Fleur-de-lys' patterned English porcelain dish set...might have to keep this too :)!
 Of course, metal...old can-will be filled with greens and a ribbon on the handle, a metal box, and old mirror from a car/truck-love that! and some small pulleys...
My favorite find???
This vintage bentwood chair! It has it's original black paint, worn in all the right places. Right now, it's seat is a white vinyl material...will have to see how it looks once it's cleaned, might need to be replaced...I am in love with this chair! Very french!

Off to wash it all, then I'll show you how some of the items cleaned up...I think we'll all be surprised!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. Kris you had a very good day treasure hunting! Beautiful coat!Those blue cups and English plates are beautiful! Hold on to those!And that chair is quite a good find too! I have not seen one like that!

  2. Thanks Anne! The items are cleaning up nicely, I'll share soon. Hope you are enjoying some fall color there-it's peaking here...gorgeous!

  3. Love the chair and all the blues! Great finds!


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