Friday, October 12, 2012

Hallway Redo

Last weekend, my daughter and I discovered that we were going to be home all weekend without the boys...among other things, we decided to tackle a project on our 'to do' list. We have a tiny hallway in our 1954 Cape Cod style house, that is filled with doors-4 doors and an opening to the main living area. I've always thought it needed something more, and I have hated the color for a very long time (we painted it Navajo White in 1995!) Navajo White is just too yellow for me.Time for some paint! I thought about adding a pop of solid color but instead we went with STRIPES!
Here's the 'befores'..Tough to get good lighting in here, sorry.
 Entryway from main living area-yes that's the bathroom door-hate that it's the first thing that you see.
  View to my daughters room
View to my sons room.
Then after A LOT of measuring and A LOT of blue tape, we started painting.
 I chose the light stripe-Dove White in an eggshell finish and Nina chose the darker stripe-Pale Oak in a pearl finish, to give it a bit of depth. (Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint)

Time to pull off the blue tape....
The 'afters'!!
 We love it!! What do you think? It's always hard for me to pick the wall colors for our house, because we have left the original woodwork, which has mellowed over the years to a warm orangey color. We have not painted them white, as is the trend these days...even though I'd love to, it wouldn't work with the original Arts and Crafts style. (I get my fill of white by painting my furniture and adding white accessories!)

View to Jack's room.
View to Nina's room.
Now I want to paint the large living room/dining room adjacent to this is still in that Navajo White!
Enjoy your weekend! Hope you get a project or two done!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Bente! Love your website! So white and airy...

  2. Kris your stripes look great! LOVE those colors too! I have a warm yellow in my home because I have so much pure white and a bit of wood it balances it out for me.

    1. I love the colors in your home! The walls are a warm yellow? It doesn't look like that in your photos. But whatever color it is, it really works. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  3. Really nice, Kris. Great idea and fantastic job you two!

    1. Thanks Tera! We had fun working on it together.

  4. So handsome - love it! Can't wait to see it.


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