Saturday, August 18, 2012

Repurposed Cardboard Moving Containers

Ever see these when you're out junkin'? I'm drawn to them for their neutral colors, with metal edging and practical storage.

I've left them in their natural state, but they look pretty banged up, so...hmmm...I could stencil them....but with what? Numbers would be cool....

or decoupage them with sheet music or botanical prints (love this butterfly image, will have to use it on a different project for sure!)...

but I finally decided on jute webbing. I love jute webbing...the texture, the simple colors, the industrial look of it.
It took a lot of glue via the hot glue gun, and multiple strips of approximately 4 foot lengths, but the results are so cool!
I think the shorter one will look great hiding the base of a Christmas tree, or holding a bundle of wood near the fireplace this winter.
The tall one still has its top, add a piece of glass to it, and you have a unique side table. It could hold extra blankets, or out of season items. I love storage items that keep it nearby but out of sight.
What do you think? Do you use jute webbing for DIY projects? I'd love to know what you've done with it.



  1. Kris,
    Love this idea.Decorative and useful too! No I have not used jute webbing yet.But you have inspired me!


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