Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacation (Fabulous) Finds

I was away in Maine last week for a fabulous family seaside vacation...beach, a sunrise, a sunset, a musical, and of course some's what I picked up....
 Look at the size of that flower frog! It's huge! And the letters that spell 'RATS' is perfect for Halloween. (It could also spell 'STAR' for other seasons)
These galvanized draws are great, and all these black and white numbers...27 in all! The concrete pedestal with specks of brown will be great for fall decorating.
 I've always wanted to purchase one of these vintage style phones for my studio from Pottery Barn, but I didn't want to pay their price ($80), picked one up this past week for only $30.

A FABULOUS vintage birdcage! It has it's original chippy sage green paint still!

And 'FAVORITE FIND"??? Wait for it.....wait for it.....

This pair of vintage faux bois concrete 'stump' stools!
Look at these details! Stunning! It will be hard to part with these!

Off to decide what will be for sale at The Spaulding Cooperage in Townsend Harbor, MA and what will be for sale at Barn Loft in Nashua, NH (and what I will keep to enjoy for myself).



  1. Great Finds Kris!! nice job... love the numbers, and galvanized drawers :) ~Bre

  2. Kris,
    Great finds!!! LOVE those numbers,letters well I LOVE it all!


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