Friday, June 1, 2012

Metal Flowers + White Spray Paint = Obsession

I love metal! But usually not flowers in metal. I picked up this wall decor piece at a consignment store recently. The shop owner had just received it, she hadn't even priced it yet, when I told her I'd buy it. It was black and gold then (sorry no before picture, I couldn't stand the original colors and had to paint it quick quick!)
Look at all the details in this beauty!
 Have you made a guess as to it's size yet??
It's 3 feet in diameter!
This is my favorite picture of it...looks great on the side of my barn. I have to keep it??
No, it'll end up for sale at Barn Loft ( when we open. We are still VERY busy getting ready, but I can 'see the light', so to speak.

Enjoy your weekend!

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