Monday, June 11, 2012

Jumping on the succulent band wagon!

Have you noticed how crazy people are for succulents??
 Is it because of their lovely green colors??
Or is it because they are so easy to take care of??
Well I decided to make a couple of containers with my own succulents. I had these two vintage pieces of pottery-the ruffly blue one is a 'real McCoy'!
 I lined the bottom with pea stone, added some potting soil, put the plants in and topped it off with another layer of pea stone.
The green and blue really look so pretty together, don't you agree?
 About 2 years ago, I picked up this blue edged concrete birdbath at an estate sale, but once I got it home, I realized it had a crack in it and wouldn't hold water. So I turned it into a succulent garden.
It's right next to my back garage door...
I leave it out year round. I cover the hens-and-chicks with the lower cut off pine branches from our Christmas tree for the winter. Between that step, and being sheltered, right up against the house, they do very well.
There is such a variety of succulents out there, I may have to go pick up some different varieties! Have you jumped on the band wagon? How did you plant yours?


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