Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweet voices for Memorial Day

I live in a small town, population approximately 12,000. Every year, for Memorial Day and Veterans Day, our elementary school puts on a program that surely surpasses most expectations. The pride of country that these teachers and parents instill in their children is beautiful. Even though my children are no longer in the elementary school, I go to this program, and will continue. It is standing room only, and usually not a dry eye in the room.
 I am so proud to live in a town that still honors our heroes, current and previous. I've talked with a bunch of parents this weekend, and it is so disappointing to hear that they have scheduled sports events on Memorial Day. Who does that? Which coach or organizing committee doesn't get that these holidays are not just a day off to play soccer, lacrosse or baseball, but a day to honor our heroes??? Maybe I'm sensitive to the subject because my husband is in the National Guard, and my father-in-law was in the Navy. I  hope that all Americans get to watch a parade and applaud loudly as the veterans go by, and that we all take time at 3pm on Monday, for a moment of silence to remember and say thank you to those soldiers that have died, so that we can go out and 'play ball'.
Enjoy your weekend everyone, and thank a soldier.

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  1. Kris,
    I agree this is a day to remember the ultimate sacrifice that was made for us.I think all other activities can wait.I don't know if everyone really sits and thinks about what they do (did) for us.I am truly thankful for all that they endured for us.


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