Monday, August 8, 2011

Jack's Tree House

This weekend was a wash out at the flea market, so I don't have any new finds to share with you.  I decided that you might want to see my son's tree house. Jack and my husband, Eric, built it last year after his return from Iraq. After much anticipation, it is finally complete.....

The roof is made out of plexiglass and lets in a ton of natural light...very cool! The door is built between the two trunks of the trees. Jack is an avid collector of many things. He has been my companion on shopping trips to antique stores, estate sales, yard sales and Brimfield, since he was little. We joke that we will be in business together one day....may not be such a 'joke', the kid has a good eye!

We installed an old harvest basket using an antique pulley, now we can send breakfast up the morning after a sleepover. Jack wants to know if we can put the dog in it...ahhh, don't think so.

There will be many hours of fun, friends and imagination in this fort! The stuff that childhood memories are made of.



  1. Looks great Jack!! I love the decor!

  2. Are you taking reservations? I'm ready for a sleep over up there! Way cool!!!


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