Friday, May 13, 2011

Thank You!

I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful feedback about the Chronicle episode that aired last night. Michelle and I were the first 'bargains' highlighted on it. You can still see it if you missed it last night at

I need to send out a big THANK YOU to my stepmom, Ellin, who sent an email to Chronicle about a year ago and got this whole ball rolling. I would like to thank Kathy Bickimer, from Chronicle for her interviewing skills and her ability to make me relax, and of course, thank you to the entire Chronicle staff for allowing my little business to be highlighted on such a great, broad-reaching show.

Sooooo, due to the increase in intrest at Cricket Acres, I spent the entire day working on projects to bring down to the Spaulding Cooperage tomorrow morning. Here are a few items picked up at an estate sale earlier this week.....

and now loaded in my car and ready to go to the Cooperage in the morning!
Have a great night everyone! And thank you once more for supporting me!


  1. Thank YOU, Kris, for including me! I had so much fun!

  2. You were great just like I knew you would be. Now everyone knows about Cricket Acres!


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