Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fleur du Jour!

It all started with the magazine, 'Boston Home' Spring 2011. There was an article about EmersonMade ( and this wonderfully talented and local couple 'living the dream'. My sister-in-law, Gina, and I decided that we needed to try making some of their wonderful flowers. After all, we have a family wedding coming up this summer-in Sonoma Valley, CA! (Hi Katie!) And these would be perfect to wear or to even give as gifts. There was no way that we could duplicate the EmersonMade flowers, but we could come up with our own design, similar but still different. So on this drizzly spring day, Gina, Michelle and I, made LOTS of our own flowers.....

We used some new and some vintage scrap fabric, paper, wallpaper and buttons.
Each one is different, unique, the combinations are endless! I can't decided if I like the 'neutrals' or the 'brights' better, but I have plenty now to match any!


This is the jean jacket that I embellished that hangs on my studio door.....


And just a quick reminder....CHRONICLE airs tomorrow night...7:30, ABC.
I am really nervous about it, wish us luck!


  1. Flowers and Friends are good therapy!!!!

    I think we are on to something!


  2. Sweet! Looks like summer is blooming at your house already! I'd love to know your technique if you are willing to share it :) Looking forward to seeing your dressed up jackets. Nice photos too. Tera

  3. I LOVE the flowere! NOW I see what you have been trying to explain to me! Very nice. I'm trying to there a market for them down here? Can I market them????? Hmmmmmmmmm


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