Friday, May 20, 2011

Waiting for the paint to dry...

It's another rainy day in New England-I think that makes 5, or is it 6 days in a row? No sun! I am missing it. It also makes my projects go veeeerrryyyy slow. I have to work in the garage-no heat, damp. Paint takes forrrreeeevvvvver to dry. So this is the table that I've been working on. Lots of glueing and clamping, but gorgeous lines, solid mahogany. I painted it Antique White by Ben Moore (do you know him????) and am going to distress it-once it is dry!! Today maybe??

I thought I'd share some pics of my finds yesterday. I decided to hit a few new junk stores that I had heard or read about in our area...

This is the cutest cabinet! Not sure what it was used for originally-maybe housed a radio? It'll get painted a shade of white, with the top left with it's old weathered wood.

This great little Jetliner wood wagon! I had never seen one before, usually I see the Radio Flyers. I put my vintage cooler in it. That's a vintage pool float on top. Great red and white striped canvas on one side and solid blue on the other. No holes either! I am ready to head down to the pool-which is currently getting remodeled. I will show you befores and afters soon.

I discovered this gorgeous blue and matte cream Catalina Pottery fluted serving dish. I am in love with this color for the summer!

This is my sunshine for the week-my yellow flowers covered in mist-pretty....

The paint has dried!!! I love how this table came much so that how do I part with it??
Oh, the hazards of this job! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Hope you all see sun and enjoy a lesiurely breakfast!

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  1. The table came out great! Now sell the damn thing!!!!


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