Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Birthday Adventure Part 1

So I had a birthday this past weekend, and decided to celebrate in great way...a get-a-way! a shopping extravaganza! a shop-till-you-drop weekend! Sounds like fun, right?

At the last minute, Michelle ( and I decided to go to the Elephant Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Connecticut. It opens at 5:30am! Instead of heading down in the dark, we went the day before, cruised through Brimfield-have you ever seen the fields when they are not set up for the big sales? Amazing! Hit a few shops, then went to New Milford. It poured all night, but we had a great time in the cutest town. The next morning, we were up at 5, ready to go. The rain had stopped, it was actually balmy. We headed to the Flea Market and got in line with all the dealers-lots and lots of box trucks, trucks with trailers...we were filled with anticipation!
 Then the bad news....due to the torrential downpours the previous night, the management had decided to close the field for the day so the trucks would not get stuck in the mud. Are you kidding me??!! We have the money, you have the merchandise...where are you going to go now to sell?? We had to know. Most of the dealers just called it a day and headed home-we were frustrated!
What to do at 5:30am? Go to breakfast. We came back after breakfast, just to see if they really were staying closed, and they were.
It was turning out to be a beautiful day....but no flea! So we went to the indoor fleamarket down the street....

Let's hit a couple shops in the area.....
This is NOT turning out to be a good birthday!

(story to be continued...)

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