Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Adventure Part 2

My birthday was not starting out well (see part 1) but then our luck changed. We stopped in at the only shop that was open, a knife and sword shop, and the shop owner said "Well, you have to go to New York!". We had no other plans and all day....soooo let's go to New York! We were in the most beautiful countryside, driving for quite a while. We got to the first flea market....about 8 tables set up, more like a yardsale! We found a few items there, but we really met some nice people and they told us where to go next. This is like American Pickers meets Thelma and Louise!! Are we having fun yet?? Still more driving...are we there yet??? Then......tada....we come over the hill and see lots of cars and tents!! YEAH!!!

Now, let's shop before the rain hits!!!


This was a great flea market!!

After this, we headed back to CT to explore some of its wonderful towns.
We discovered estate sale, a bunch of great shops, and one in particular that is getting ready to open and I wanted to say, that I can not wait to go back to see the final result.
 I took this pictures looking in the window of 'Farm Fresh', (I hope you don't mind)...
I wish the owner all the best with her adventure!
It's going to be a great shop!! Let me know when you open!

Here are some pictures of the great items we picked up.

Thanks for sharing a great weekend with me Michelle!

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  1. It was my pleasure! Can't wait until the next adventure! Hmmm...where can we go for my birthday?


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