Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A day of work-YAY!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit, I have been very busy with getting ready for The Cabinet Of Curiosities Market June 6/7/8, Berlin, MA (click here), maintaining my space at The Spaulding Cooeprage (click here), end of school year activities, family, friends, and, well, just life. You know how that goes if you work from home. You 'juggle many things at once', 'wear many hats', just simply 'multi-task'. I'm trying to squeeze it all in. Today is my 'work' day-and I LOVE my job. When I can have a day to just stay focused on my projects, wear one hat all day, I'm a happy girl!
Here's what's on my list for today...
 Sort, wash, fix, paint, tag etc. my loot from the weekend flea market.
Come up with the plan for each piece.
Does it need to be painted, or wood shelves added to it? Any repairs needed?

Start washing, sanding, painting, waxing multiple pieces at once.

Soak and line dry vintage cotton christening gowns, slips and petticoats. (ok, if you follow me on Facebook, you know I did this last week, but I love the pictures and just had to share them.)

Also, put a final coat of paint on the wall in my barn studio. I can not wait to be working in there!!
Gotta run and get back to work before the kids come home...
hope you have found work that you love to do!

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