Monday, March 31, 2014

Simple Spring Front Door

I don't know if spring has arrived where you live, but here in New England, she's taking her sweet time. It's been dark, rainy, cold...and I say 'ENOUGH ALREADY'! Boy, that felt good to say-try it!
I took down all the winter decorations at the end of Feburary, because, well you know, winter is suppossed to end at the end of February. At least according to me. So for the entire month of March my front door stood empty of decoration. I just couldn't decorate it for spring with almost 2 feet of snow out there. Today-March 31st, I decided that I am forcing spring to my front door! I usually like to use real flowers out there, but they would never survive out there yet. So I scoured my house. I found 2 sets of pussy willow branches-different color stems and different lengths, and a bunch of faux (that word is so much better than fake!) white tulips.
 I already had the zinc planters-I leave them out there year round, just changing the plants.
I gathered the pussy willow branches
 Then I dug in my recycling bin for two tin cans, and I had some left over florist foam from a previous project.
Next, wedge the can between the bricks inside the planters, so everything is nice and sturdy and the wind won't blow it over.
From this point, I just started adding the branches, with the tallest in the center. After all the pussy willow branches were in, I dropped in the faux white tulips around the outside edge.
This was a simple and fast project, and it didn't cost me a cent! Love that!
 When the weather warms up a bit, I'll replace the faux flowers with pansies.
 Maybe orange ones for a pop of color!
For now, simple and white is what I have.
I'm still waiting for the 'green' of spring.
 How about you?
PS-Please ignore the water damage on the wood front door.
As I said, the winter has been unforgiving here.
Just another spring project....

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