Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yard Sale Saturday

We are in the midst of a heat wave here in New England-3 consecutive days of temps 95 degrees and hotter-and last weekend was 50 degrees, windy and rainy-gotta love New England! But that didn't deter people from having their yard sales...nothing crazy this time, but some great pieces that will be perfect for painting...
 These three pieces will get painted-the telephone stand and the base of this birdbath-someone painted it a horrid orange that was supposed to mimic terracotta-eww!
This vintage rock maple 1940's desk will get refinished, not painted-love the slightly curved legs on the front.
I also picked up this complete set of Mothers Encyclopedia from the 1930's. It covers everything from 'Accidents to Worry' (no X, Y, or Z topics). A very interesting read for sure! This would make a great shower gift for a mother-to-be that appreciates the old way of doing things, some of the advice is is appropriate for today.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
I'm headed out to the pool...


  1. Great finds Kris!! The heat is crazy isn't it!! I got the sweetest antique dresser for $5!! One of my all time favorite yard sale finds!! :) Can't wait to get my hands on it :) ~Bre

  2. Great finds Kris! Wow it is hot there and cold here.Only in the 50's today! Cool birdbath I know you will make it look amazing.Yes that orange has got to go!


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