Saturday, May 11, 2013

Barn/Studio Progress

We've started renovations on our Barn to turn it into my Studio!
 I'm so excited to see it starting! Here are some in progress pictures...
The last door on the left will be my space.
 Now it's filled with 'stuff' and dark...
 My husbands vintage 1957wood boat from his childhood attached to ceiling, waiting to be refurbished. This needs to come down and be moved out so that I have some headroom...
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning....
This solid wall will get a new/old door and two windows to allow for more light.
We've got lots to a dividing wall, insulation every where, electrical...I'm having fun!
Enjoy your weekend everyone, and Happy Mother's Day to you Mom!

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  1. the Barn is becoming a reality! Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes and the same to YOU When is EV going to start on the boat???


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