Friday, May 17, 2013

A Project to Sell and a Project to Keep

I accomplished two 'big-ish' furniture projects this week! So proud of myself with all the other things going on and really not having a lot of time to 'work'.
The Project to Sell
I had picked up this vintage pine kitchen table a long time ago, and had been using it for my sewing table. But then as what usually happens, I picked up something else that I liked better and swapped it out. As you can see, it was missing it's draw, and I just turned that side towards the wall and I kind of forgot about it. But I can't sell it like that! So I had two pieces of old chippy white moulding, and attached those to both sides, and oh my gosh-now I love it!
Almost kept it...but no, off to the Cooperage it went today.
 Also have to show you that it's got a cute vintage green towel bar on the side.
I hope it sells fast so I don't change my mind!
The Project to Keep
This vintage mahogany buffet sat in my garage for over a year,
just waiting patiently for my attention.
 After I repaired it, I knew I wanted to paint it white and sand the top down to its raw wood,
and keep the original glass hardware, not too much work I thought.
 The sanding was the hardest part-the belt sander, and 6 disks of sanding pads on the orbital-my muscles were soar the next day-but oh yeah! It's a keeper.
And I had a key to fit the lock on the bottom in my collection of old keys-lucky me!
This piece is replacing the buffet I had done a while ago-which will now be for sale.
I've decided that one was just too big for our small dining room, so out it goes and in comes this smaller more simple lined one. I also plan on adding two rows of shelves above it.
(And I am so done with the red wall-maybe I'll get to paint that soon...)
This is what I do constantly-my poor family!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. That is the part that is the most fun is swapping new things out.What a beautiful piece Kris!

  2. Definitely a keeper!!!! Beautiful, as always!


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