Friday, April 12, 2013

Dresser Redo-From Shambles to Beach Shabby Chic

Remember this dresser? I picked it up for free (Thanks O!) and some would have said 'throw it in the dumpster'...but I saw the potential. Plus it still had its tempered piece of glass for the top that lined up with all the curves. So I started rebuilding the draws and fixing other parts.

(sorry about the quality of the pics-they were taken in the dreary basement)
Finally I was able to paint..
Originally, I thought this piece was going to be a french blue color, but then I had a happy accident-love when that happens! I applied  Sea Green Milk Paint by the Groton Company over the primer and it gave the draws a watery, water colored type of finish. Inspiration hit! This dresser is meant to be a beachy cottage dresser, maybe from a Queen Anne style home sitting on the cliffs of the New England shore. She was perfect when first purchased, but has been passed down multiple times through the family, and time has given her character, some imperfections and beauty in her age.
Even the original brass hardware reminds me of seaweed.
I hope she ends up by the shore again...
Enjoy your weekend!
PS-Some BIG news coming soon!! Can't wait to share it!

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  1. Beautiful piece glad you saved it! Can't wait to hear the news!!!!


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