Thursday, March 14, 2013

Repurposing and an Estate Sale

This morning I attended an Estate Sale! First one for me since the fall. I didn't take a picture of the truck load, because there wasn't a truck load this time. Only a few things...
I picked up these four painted wooden boxes, took them home, cleaned them up, filled them with Spanish moss, and made a set of 3 upcycled flowers for cute are they? I added little chickadees to them, but forgot to take the picture with the birds. 
(You could always add eggs to them for Easter.)

Next repurposing project....a picket fence key holder!

How sweet would this be in a cottage by the backdoor?!
( Or it could hold jewelry in a girls room.)
Third repurposing project...a serving tray from an old tool box draw!

The bottom of these draws are usually stained beyond sanding, so I paint them. Sand, seal and add hardware...voila! A cool one of a kind serving tray.
Biggest find of the day? This cupboard.
(Sorry, it's not the best picture-it was very sunny at The Cooperage today, and I am not complaining about the sun :)! Here's the other side of my space...
All above items are at The Spaulding Cooeprage, stop by if you can.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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