Monday, January 7, 2013

Anthropologie Flashship Store-Philadelphia

I was so happy to discover that Anthropologie's Flagship store was in Philadelphia! (We were there for my brother's wedding, see previous post) I love going into Anthropologie just to be inspired. This one is located in on the Rittenhouse Square-which itself is stunning. It's like Newbury Street in Boston...Brownstones and great old architecture. I took pictures inside until I felt like someone might tell me to stop, which they never did (thank you!)
 This is a four story brownstone. Here's the view upon look down onto this bedroom. Check out the stacked mantles!!!4 of them...So cool!

And this settee near the foot of the bed. The rug is actually a bunch of oil paintings laid on the floor-people actually walk on them!
This paper owl is interesting enough on its own, but it's the ceiling that caught my eye. Each oval is a portrait. I believe it's original to the building. Kinda creepy having all those people looking down at you.
My favorite piece of furniture in the store, was this antique french soda fountain cabinet with it's original blue chippy paint. If only I had the $$$ to take it home.
 Here's two examples of the paper artwork in the store. The first, is this massive hanging chandelier made out of cylinders of paper with cutouts. Some of the cut outs are cut so that the piece could be folded back to give it more texture-loved this!
They had paper scenes in all their windows similar to this one in the box. Simply beautiful.
This vignette was in their housewares area-set up like a little bistro-quaint!
 a bottle chandelier...
A zinc sink washtub covered in a drop cloth painted to look like a dresser, and check out the interior of the sink-filled with light bulbs-clear and frosted, then a piece of glass on top. That's one way to recycle used light bulbs!
This drop cloth was just stunning! It was approximately 8 feet by 5 feet. The scene is painted in shades of grey, then a sponge with white paint was used to stamp it to give the illusion of snow. Beautiful!

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this Anthropologie, but then again, I have never been disappointed at any of them.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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