Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Decor-Front Door

This is the front door to my home. For fall this year, I wanted to do something a bit different than the traditional colored mums. I live in New England, and mother nature provides us with such a great show of her own, so I decided to be different.
 I've had the barrels for years, but they are usually used in the barn as trash cans (too nice to be trash cans if you ask me) and of cours,e I always have galvanized metal buckets (this is a mop 'slop' bucket on wheels) and things around, because, I think any plant looks better in a rusty metal container, The white chippy cement urns have been on the front porch all summer with chartreuse colored plants of Sweet Potato Vine and Coleus.
The purple of the Asters really makes the chartreuse 'pop' don't you think?
I was able to find this European Millet too-kind of corn 'stalk-y' but shorter, and with chartreuse colored leaves. Perfect!
This is another millet-taller, and I added some Sedge, the long brown hair-like plant, for drape.

Do I miss the orange pumpkins, cornstalks and burgundy/orange/yellow colored mums? Not at all!!

Hope you are enjoying this fall season!

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