Friday, September 7, 2012

Industrial Inspired Pumpkins

 I posted this teaser picture earlier in the week....I found these at Micheal's. Last year I decorated foam pumpkins with water slide decals of spiders and webs from the Martha Stewart collection, but this year, I needed something different. (Are you like this too? I rarely use or decorate the same holiday/season as the previous year)
 I had picked up these boxes of upholstery tacks and brass nail heads at the flea market this summer. I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but I knew that inspiration would strike at some point. Also at Micheal's they had these felted flower die cuts in shades of black, dark grey and light grey.
With a pencil, I lightly drew a design on this white pumpkin and started pushing in the upholstery tacks, then added a grey flower every 6th one to create this pattern. I did a bunch of pumpkins, all different....
This one has the brass nail heads with only the black flowers behind...
...this one has the brass nail heads by themselves inserted vertically, and the one on the right has only upholstery tacks going in a spiral from the stem...
...close up of the upholstery tacks...
...this black one has randomly placed upholstery tacks with all three colors of the flowers...
 I love how they look together!
I'm sure these designs would also work great on real pumpkins.
Show me how you're decorating your pumpkins this year! I'd love to see!
*all GOOD pictures by Jack Vogelsang (the others are by me : )


  1. WOW! those are great!! I love them.. so pretty, and eye catching :) Great Job, ~Bre

  2. super neat!! You always have such good ideas!

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  4. They are fabulous - Clever you!


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