Monday, July 9, 2012

Undocumented Hours

"The past few years have levied a strange burden of proof upon our backs, a burden to account for our hours and days, to prove to all who care to watch from the screens of their phones and computers that we are doing something worthy with our loves. In the meantime, we have forgotten how to be content in being present. We have not been transfixed and emptied since we first believed the lie that all of our experiences must be shared."

I read this quote in Kinfolk Magazine, volume IV this weekend ( I LOVE this magazine) and thought, huh, I usually have my camera with me, and anytime I do anything, one of my firsts thought is always, 'this would be great for my blog' and off to post it I go...but this weekend, I purposely left my camera at home and decided to 'be present'. My little town celebrated the 4th of July on July 7th-big parade, big fireworks, great bbq with friends and family, then back to the same house to eat the left overs on Sunday (hah!) It was great! So this blog is different, no pictures, just a gentle reminder to Be Present and create memories this summer. Slow it down, and just 'be'. Here's a little bit more of the article...

"Let us all remember, now in the presence of one another, that our memories are enough. May we live to remind each other to partake of dinner without pause for a clicking shutter or a scribbling pen. Stay here, drink more wine, and let the memories of time exist by themselves within you, and between you and the others."

Words by Rebecca Parker Payne



  1. Oh Kris this is SO TRUE....I can't believe some of the things we think it's OK to share these days....!

    I bet you had more fun this 4th July than you would have otherwise had with camera in tow....!

    By the way....I've always been very ENVIOUS of your Inependance Day celebrations....For obvious reasons I'm sure....hahahaha....!!!!!

    Take care & have a BRILLIANT week....!!

    Tamarah :o)

    1. Thanks Tamarah! Hope your upcoming weekend is fabulous!


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