Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brimfield 2012!

Ever been to Brimfield??? I'm sure most of you have, if you haven't then you are missing the best flea market in the country-according to various publications.I am lucky enough to live close enough for a day trip when it happens (May, July and September).
Here are some inspiring pictures of metal...

of wood...

and of fabric...

There are miles of vendors, and I only took a few pictures. Anything that you could possibly want, you'd probably find at Brimfield. Here's what I came home with...
vintage spools of colored twine and a red stripe grain sack
an old sewing draw and rolls of twine
small metal draws numbered 1-5
a pair of vintage wooden seats from a baseball stadium in Philly (or so I was told)
a 10 foot piece of hand carved wood with gorgeous details
 a set of four capiz shell chargers with metal edging
Favorite find?? A 5 ft tall drying rack, that will be used as an easel for a collection of prints.
I am exhausted, dirty, sweaty and a bit sunburned....but it was so worth it!!


  1. Looks like a fun and successful day! Enjoy the haul of goodies.

  2. Great finds!!!! Can't wait to get there myself tomorrow!!!!


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