Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shedding Layers

I picked up this french wicker covered bottle a few years ago and used it this way, but it was time for a change. (You know me!)
Step one, take off the lid of the basket...very easy. Step two, not so easy. I wanted to save the basket for a future project, so I wasn't going to just cut it off. This was no easy task, and no pictures of this part because I was using both hands and my feet (yes, feet!) to pull the bottle out. (if you've given birth..this was very similar-lol! Wonder what my neighbors were thinking!!)
Anyway, this is what I ended up with...a gorgeous hand blown green bottle. It's going to need some serious cleaning, but I love the bubbles and mottled wavy glass.
And I saved the basket, minus the handles, they were the sticking point.


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  1. Hey Kris! Thanks so MUCH for following! I really am so excited for you guys with the Barn loft. Glad to have made the connection with you, because I love hunting for old items and repurposing them for the home. So cool! Thanks again :) ~Bre


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