Sunday, April 29, 2012

Town Wide Yard Sale

Our annual town wide yard sale was Saturday. This is always fun...get your map at town field at 7am, then ready, set,'s a race to get to the listed sales first for the 'good' stuff! Well by 8am, I was out of money and out of steam...very little sleep the night before. Here's what I got...
7 Vintage Milk Glass lights with the original metal hanging hardware.
AND they came in these great apple packing crates!
This is a vintage seed packet display box
This antique steamer trunk is in great condition. It is from Geneva!
The inside just needs a bit of cleaning and restringing.
 It would make a great coffee table!
Or photo prop...
These great antique handles were a great find!

Favorite Find???
Any idea what this is??
It's only about 2 inches wide and rolls....
has a beautiful sounding chime....

It's the back wheel of a Victorian child's toy circa 1912. At one point it had a metal horse or goat attached to the front that could be pushed around the floor. Even without the animal, I love it. it's fun just to roll it back and forth on my desk.

I just wanted to thank everyone that came out to see the unofficial launch of Barn Loft this weekend. You truly gave me validation that this new venture will be a success! We'll be moving into our new mill space this week, so keep checking the Barn Loft blog for the progress!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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  1. Kris,
    So glad to hear you had a successful show.Not a surprise I knew you would.Your booth looked great filled with great vintage treasures.Love all of your new finds too.


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