Monday, April 2, 2012

Screen Printed Pillows

Finally finished these silk screened pillows! I've had the fronts of these done for a verrrrry long time. They are a brick red ink on vintage cream linen.
I used a vintage taupe and cream ticking fabric for the backs with an envelope opening and a vintage button to keep it closed...
There is one of an Agrion (Dragonfly) and two of the Papillon (Moth) life cycle.... 

They measure 12" square, the down/feather insert is new. The covers are machine washable, and will get softer over time. They'll be at The Spaulding Cooperge this week for $29 each. Get 'em while they last! (I'll have to get the screen printer out again and remember how to use it to make more!)

Enjoy your day!

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