Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Luxury of Enough

My latest read is The Simple Home, The Luxury of Enough by Sarah Nettleton...have you read this?

The Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough a book by Sarah NettletonOf course, the pictures are stunning, but the philosophy behind the book is what really spoke to me. In this world of 'throw away' it's nice to see when people talk about what really is enough. Sarah's rules for the simple home, and to life really:



The 6 Paths to Simplicity:

  1. Simple is Enough
  2. Simple is Thrifty
  3. Simple is Flexible
  4. Simple is Timeless
  5. Simple is Sustainable
  6. Simple is Refined
I quote 'Fresh air, fresh food, and clean water are simple timeless pleasures that we all too often lose in our buy-the-latest-thing lifestyle...simple homes achieve simplicity as a result of common sense, the wisdom of good choices, the elimination of non essentials, and restraint.' And this 'In all the luxury of our comfortable, fast-paced life, something is missing. For many of us, it is the opportunity to come home and indulge in simplicity.'

I, personally, am trying to make some changes to the way that my family and I live.
I'll share them with you as we complete them.

Hope you are enjoying a simple, but luxurious weekend!

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  1. Love it! I'll have to look up that book at the library.
    I feel like I am in a constant struggle for the simple life :)


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