Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bistro Set

I stopped at one of my favorite consignment shops today and found a couple of great finds....this green/blue metal table doesn't have the best paint job, but I love the chippy-ness of it. I think a bit more distressing on the top will make it look much better.

Then in the same shop, but in a different location, I spotted these 4 bistro chairs....they're not old, actually have an Ikea sticker on the bottom, but they have the classic bistro shape and they have rubber feet, so you can use them inside.

The wood slats will have to be whitewashed to make them look beach-side-weathered, but I think they'll come out great.

For now, a linen tablecloth just lets a hint of the green legs peek, no?


*All photographs by Jack Vogelsang

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