Saturday, November 19, 2011

Busy Dog Days in the Studio

This is my favorite ticking stripe....creams and whites. I've been busy with making slip-covered pillows with vintage french dog images, oh so cute....all slip-covered pillows are machine washable, the ticking fabric is from a textile mill here in the United States, and the new down/feather insert is also made in the USA. Epitome of the casual, put your feet up, sink into it, style that I love...

Basset, Springer and Retriever for now, more varieties to come...

A custom pillow for a friend of her dear Lily...hmmmm...there's a market for these I you like them??

And lavender sachets have been a big hit! Here's a sample of the ones that I've been working on...dogs, horses, owls, doves and birds. I also have some balsam filled for the holidays. My studio is smelling wonderful these days!

Back to the studio now to make Christmas Stockings...all white....I'll post pics when they're done!

Enjoy your day!

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