Friday, September 23, 2011

Unique Wedding Guest Book & Mailbox of Love

Katie wanted something different for her wedding guest book and asked for my help. (Thanks for allowing me to be involved with something so creative!) We came up with using a vintage Rolodex, found on Etsy from the Trunk Gypsies, and using my daughters vintage typewriter, I typed prompts on each card...

 Then at the wedding reception we posted this poem so that the guests would know what to do with the cards....

All through the night, everyone wrote their wishes.....

Afterwards, we placed them back into the Rolodex. Katie and Jeff can now keep this on their home office desk and look at all the wonderful memories of their wedding night.
....and they lived Happily Ever After!

(I have to tell you that my 12 year old son, Jack, took these amazing pictures! I think he needs to give me a few lessons!)

One other unique gift that I gave Katie and Jeff, is a 'mailbox full of love'. I ordered 200 different postcards from an amazing photographer, Amelia Kay ( and then had their wedding guests fill one out. I collected them and brought them home with me.

 I will start mailing them back to the new Mr. & Mrs., 5 every week over the next few months. They will receive words of thanks, memories of their day and well wishes from their dearest friends and family that shared their weekend wedding. They will be able to put the postcards in a photo album to look at again and again. How sweet!

As this is my last post about the fabulous wedding in California, I have to close with the one person who was greatly missed at this event, my (our) dad.  He was with us in spirit, through the smiles, tears and laughter that we all shared. He would have loved this gathering of his family and his closest friends. We did him proud everyone! Still painfully missed....



  1. Great ideas Kris. No surprise! You have a gift.

  2. Thank you for your creative contribution to the wedding - the rolodex cards and the postcards were a hit! Everyone really got into it and between dances it was fun to read the advice, good wishes, etc.

    Indeed, your dad was missed - he would have been so pleased to be surrounded by so many loved ones. He was so looking forward to Katie's big day.

  3. What a wonderful idea! Love the postcard one!

    I'm your newest follower and would love if you would follow me.
    Have a wonderful day!!


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