Sunday, September 18, 2011

PYO and a shopping fool!

Took the kids apple picking. Gotta love living in New England! Perfect crisp fall day, gorgeous views and the trees were full! Not only did we get Macintosh's (which are the best right off the tree :)) but peaches, plums, pears and Asian pears! We made a crisp with some apples, peaches and plums. YUM!

On the way home, came across a BARN SALE-gotta love that sign! Found a few finds....

The tall metal thing with the round shelves caught my eye. The woman said it came out of the general store in town when it closed. It had some wood grain contact paper on it, but I was able to pull up a corner.....this is what I found.....

Can't wait to clean it up. I think it would look great almost anywhere, but how about the bathroom with jars of cotton balls, q-tips, rolled towels...

Also stopped at the local Salvation Army this week.....

Couldn't pass up the souvenir Eiffel Tower and the fleur-de-lis blanket-which will be used as a tablecloth, and color of this old bottle??!! Stunning!

Last weeks Flea Market finds....sorry, been too busy shopping to post it all. Some of this has already made it over to the shop (Spaulding Cooperage in Townsend, MA)

Lots of mason jars. They are going to look spectacular with candles at Holiday Time!

 Cute boxes before...

Cute box after....

Italian wine jug! Love it!!

More shopping! Can't wait to put the mantle in the shop and hang my handmade Christmas stockings from it.....very soon!

Glass stoppers...lots!

Hope you get outside and enjoy the weather!


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