Tuesday, September 13, 2011

California Wedding~Part 2~Shopping!!

This is the cutest town, Healdsburg, California! The 'square' offers so many shops and restaurants...here's just a sample...starting with my favorite...Uniquely Chic (www.uniquelychicflandhm.com)

The owner, Barbara Gassaway, has combined the french, shabby, industrial, country look that I absolutely love! I literally walked in, and stopped in my tracks. The store took my breath away!

AND...if you can believe it, next door is this French Bakery! Costeaux has been in business for 85 years. Everything was delicious. This is all I need,  these two shops!


And this is the best, hands-down, candy store I have EVER been in...I guess it's a chain, but I had never seen one...check it out...Powell's Sweet Shoppe...They've got EVERYTHING! From the old to the new, to the weird (bacon soda???), to the handmade, to the gelato. YUM!

Card file full of different flavored gum! Love this! And they always have Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory playing on the big screen (take a seat in the vintage theater seats for a while) and the music playing through out the store. FUN!

There are many more shops on the square to explore....the One World Fair Trade (www.oneworldfairtrade.net) , Flying Goat Coffee, Oakville Grocery Company...and many more! You'll just have to go yourself to see them all. I know I want to go back!

Next time....the vineyards! Wine! Wine! Wine!

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