Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anthropologie and a Sunday Free Item

Have you ever been to an Anthropologie store? It is one of my favorite stores for inspiration. I love to see what these creative people have repurposed....
a wedding dress made from painter's drop cloths? 'Why not!'
a light fixture made from old bicycle tires? 'Obviously!'
And the staff is so nice, they'll tell you exactly how to make it yourself.
These flowers are made out of denim....absolutely gorgeous!

And look what they did with strips of wallpaper!

A great place to get those creative juices flowing!

No flea for me today, but I did stop at a garage sale and picked up a few items. Love this basket....

And on my way home...a free fun item....

Sorry about the quality of the picture...but this is the biggest metal First Aid Kit I have every seen. It measures 25 inches wide by 42 inches tall! Love the green print as apposed to the usual red. I, of course, envision it as tongue-in-cheek wall-mounted bar. I'll add shelves inside, then it can be stocked with your favorite beverages....rum, vodka, whiskey...emergency cocktail anyone???

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