Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Painting Therapy

I had the entire day all to myself today. First one alone since my Dad died. I decided to put on some of his favorite music-marching bands and the Boston Pops-and lose myself in my pile of projects.  Scrubbing, staining, painting and waxing is very good therapy....

Loved how the stripes came out on the stool and birdhouse-looks like ticking.

This is the pile of finished goods that will head over to the Spaulding Cooperage tomorrow, greens, grays and whites...love it!

This piece was found on the side of the road last week. I believe it's a carpenters box/step stool. It has two drawers that probably held some sort of tools. I painted the shell. The hardware had been removed, I'll replace those and line the draws with some paper. Won't it make a cute step stool/bench for kids along with a little storage? Might have to sew a quick pillow for it...

I love this 1940's factory shipping table. The old wood has such a patina. I think it would be great just about anywhere: bedside table, foyer table, beverage serving station....just a perfect size.


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  1. Looks like good progress and good therapy, chickie.


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