Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tornado in Massachusetts

Sorry I haven't blogged all week. We had a tornado, actually 3 confirmed, here in Massachusetts. Click here for more details....

It did not have the overall devastating destruction that the tornadoes that occurred last month in the Midwest states, but we just don't see storms like this here in western Mass. I live northwest of this area, but we had our scare here with a pop up storm heading for us, thankfully it missed us, and didn't materialize to much more than a bad thunderstorm. My husband is in the Mass. National Guard, and was deployed the day of the tornado to the city of Springfield and hasn't been home since. He, and his unit, are among the many helping these people that have lost everything....

The tornado went through 13 communities, including Brimfield-yes, that Brimfield. The largest antique show in the country. Thank goodness the big event happened the week prior. I can imagine what would have happened if those thousands of people were on the fairgrounds with no place to take shelter. And all the merchandise quickly becoming projectiles. Unimaginable!

Be safe everyone.....

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