Sunday, June 22, 2014

'Drink Plenty of Water'

That's what they all tell you, it's the secret to healthy skin, weight loss, flushing the impurities out, yada yada yada. But if are you like me,  I'm just not a fan of plain water. I've added lemon or lime to water and that has helped, but I've discovered a new flavor combination that has me hooked.
I find myself refilling my glass all day long.
See if it works for you...
First, start with a cool glass. I've been using this Weck jar.
I find that having a pretty container helps me enjoy water more.
 I then slice up lemon, seedless cucumber and some mint leaves...
 Add two slices each of the cuke and lemon and one mint leaf to each bottle,
fill it half way with water...
 Add ice, which will melt as you go through the day, take one to go,
 and leave one in the fridge for later.
When I finish the water, I top it off again, and rotate it with the one in the fridge. This works for about two more times and the flavor is still is as good as the first time.
Give it a try! It really helps me drink more water, maybe it'll help you.

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