Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hazards of Estate Sales

I love a great estate sale, who doesn't?
I've been known to buy too many big things and have to go back multiple times to load my truck and get everything home.
Or put items on the roof and bungee them down so they don't fly off (hopefully!) on the drive home.
I'm used to getting filthy dirty by climbing in barns, attics and basements.
I'm even used to the occasional bruises, minor cuts and scrapes. But, knock on wood, I've never been 'injured' at an estate sale. And no, it wasn't because of some crazy fellow shopper.
It was from some little animal that I didn't even see.
 Either this one...the common house spider or...

(image from
 this one, the brown recluse...

(image from
All I know is that it H-U-R-T!
I thought I had gotten a nasty splinter while carrying my prize-a piece of furniture-out of the basement. According to my research, it felt threatened, and took a huge hunk of skin out of my hand. I'll be keeping an eye on it, but haven't gone to the doctor yet. You have to know that my husband ended up in the hospital a few years ago for blood poisoning due to a spider bite. So I'm a bit nervous...I'll keep you posted.

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