Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vintage Bird Posters Turned into 'School Chart' Art

I had picked up two vintage Bird Posters at a shop that was going out of business awhile ago becauses I loved the graphics and thought someone else would too.
(That's not a water stain, it's a shaded area of light blue)
So I put them in my shop last fall and they sat there, and sat there, and sat there. No matter how much I moved them around and displayed them differently.
So home they came while the shop was closed for its winter break. I always thought they looked like school charts-you know the ones...maps, anatamoy, botanical, etc.
That's when it hit me... turn these into 'school house style charts'.
 I was able to pick up lengths on half round trim at the local hardware store (keep it local!),
 brought them home, and cut them to the needed lengths.
I stained them using Minwax Old Chestnut.
After the trim was dry, I glued and clamped the poster between the two halves of wood, adding a length of twine between the top pieces so that it could hang when completed, and let dry.
And there's a bonus...they're double-sided, so it's like getting two charts for one! I know, right?! Tired of one set of birds? Flip it over and enjoy the new ones!
I will defiantely being doing this process to some other posters, it was fairly easy and it makes a huge difference. They are heading back to the shop in time for the Grand Re-Opening this Saturday, and this time, I don't think they'll hang around long, do you?
*photo disclaimer-fuzzy pics are mine, all others by Jack Vogelsang
(PS-Check back to tomorrow to get a sneak peek of The Shop)

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